There are people who are afraid of buying used cars. Maybe it’s because they’re thinking that used cars that are being sold in showrooms or by other people are damaged or re-conditioned. There are some sellers who would sell the car as it is. If the car has a banged-up bumper or a damaged car panel, they won’t fix it but they will sell the car for a lower amount. Technically, it’s still the same thing. You buy the car for a lower price and then you bring it to a shop where you can get the car fixed which will add up to the amount you shell out for the car itself. You might’ve been able to save a couple of hundred bucks but is it worth the hassle?

For the people who are beginners in buying used cars, one aspect which will dictate the car that they will buy is their budget. Most of us are still in a budget whenever we buy something, this includes cars. That’s why we go to showrooms where used cars are for sale. It maybe a year or two older but, hey, if you’re able to get the same car that you want, a little mileage in the odometer which you don’t care about and the experience in driving the car is still fun, then go ahead purchase it!


However, if you’re one of the people whose still skeptic in buying used cars, then there are somethings that we would like to share with you.



Checking for damage on the car

Checking damages on a car can be something you can use as a leverage if you’re able to position it properly. Light scratches and small dents might not help you lower the price of the car but car bumps, deep scratches are some of the things you might want to look out. If you’re not sure on how to check it, you should bring someone with you to check the condition of the car. You may also want to check the car maintenance and service history if it is available.


Inspection before purchasing the unit

Getting the maintenance and service history of the car will give you a rough estimate on what might be the parts that you need to replace in the future. However, if the damage was repaired properly, you can be rest assured that it won’t fall apart anytime soon. But knowing the history of the car is something you need to know.


Having some damages on a used car should not be a deal breaker. Yes, it’s damage but the price of the car is relatively lower than the brand new one. There are also factors like everyday usage of the car, how many kilometers did the car already travelled and how did the previous owner maintained the car. If this is your first time buying a car, it’s more practical to buy a used one instead of buying a brand new one. It’ll teach a lot of things from handling possible issues of the car to repairing it, not to mention, the price is relatively cheaper. If the car was repaired properly then, damaged cars are still something you can consider buying for your first car specially if you’re in a budget.


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